Personalization fields in communication previews

The Preview section displays a list of all personalization fields that are available for use in the Deliver document you are previewing. Personalization fields that are currently used in the document appear in bold. The list of fields indicates the default sample value configured for each personalization field, if the data is available.

You can change the sample values to observe changes in document appearance or behavior. For example, you can substitute new personalization field values to simulate variations in recipient data to test personalization rules and observe changes in how conditional content displays as a result. The changes are reflected when you update the preview document. Observing the effect of the sample data changes on the preview document simulates how different message recipients might see the email or landing page. You can use these results to optimize your message.

To enable Deliver to correctly display sample data for the personalization field, the OLT that defines the personalization field and the Deliver document that uses the field must be referenced by the same messaging.

After you change sample data for a personalization field, you can save the new value as the default. Saving a new default value updates the sample data value for the field on the Deliver Personalization Fields page. New documents that use the same personalization field use the new value when previewed. When you update an OLT by running the associated flowchart, Deliver updates the sample data for personalization fields in the OLT to reflect any sample data updates.