Preview of conditionalized content

You can preview conditionalized content in an Deliver document to ensure that the content appears in personalized email as you intend. Conditional content that appears in personalized email is controlled by personalization rules. Personalization rules are configured around values in personalization fields. In the Preview section of the Message Editor, you can substitute different values for personalization fields that are configured in personalization rules.

Substituting values for personalization fields simulates the data variation that you expect in the recipient list that you are using with the document. Depending on the personalization rules that you configured in the document, when you change the value of a personalization field, content in the preview document might change in response.

To preview conditional elements in the document, Deliver validates the data type of the personalization fields that are used in the various condition criteria. To define personalization field data type, you must define the field in an Output List Table (OLT) and upload the OLT to the hosted mailing environment that is maintained by Unica .

You can edit data type of the OLT personalization field that is used in the personalization rule if the data type is incorrectly defined or incorrectly causes rule validation to fail. You can change the personalization field data type from the Deliver Settings page by updating the properties for the field that is configured as a criteria in the personalization rule.