Conditional content

Creating conditional content allows you to vary the content that you display to your target audience according to characteristics defined in personalization fields. In Unica Deliver, you can define two types of conditional content. Simple conditional content, which uses personalization fields in personalization rules, and nested conditional content, which uses personalization fields in Deliver advanced scripting for email.

Simple conditional content compares the value of a personalization field to some text or numerical value using various comparison operators (such as equal, not equal, greater than, or less than). Conditionalized content associated with the rule displays in an email or landing page when the comparison defined in the rule is true. Simple personalization rules support using parenthetical expressions to create groups of conditions, and support the logical operators AND and OR to connect conditions and groups of conditions.

Nested conditional content is based on scripts that you create using Deliver advanced scripting for email. In addition to the operators available in simple conditional content, the scripts for nested conditional content support arithmetical operators (add, subtract, multiply, divide, and % remainder), boolean operators (if, elseif, else), and the logical operator NOT. You can use nested conditions to deliver highly targeted content and options to a broader range of individuals and with greater sophistication than you can with simple conditions. For more information about working with nested conditions, see the description of advanced scripting for email.

Note: Nested conditions are not available for use in hosted landing pages because landing pages do not support using advanced scripting.