Offers in personalized email

You can add offers that you define in Unica Campaign to personalized email that you create and send through Unica Deliver. Including offers in your marketing email gives you an opportunity to deliver a timely and targeted call to action to your audience. The system collects the offer responses and makes the data available in the Campaign contact and response history for use in Campaign performance reports.

You can add offers to email messages in several ways and you can include multiple offers in each message. Because you can conditionalize assets that contain offers, you can present different offers to different individuals in the same email campaign. You can also use the same offer in different email campaigns.

Offers are not supported in messages that also contain a Forward to a Friend link.

Deliver tracks offer responses by tracking link clicks for the links that are associated with each offer. The response data is stored in the Deliver system tables that are part of the Campaign database schema. You can analyze offer responses in Campaign performance reports that are based on data that Campaign transfers from the Deliver system tables.