Personalization fields

Personalization fields provide the means to add recipient-specific information from your marketing database to a sms, email, WhatsApp . Personalization fields are also used in rules that control how conditionalized content displays in each personalized message.

Deliver provides the following types of personalization fields.

  • Built-in personalization fields. These system fields are defined by Deliver and are available for all mailings.
  • Constant personalization fields. You define constant personalization fields to add a static text value to everymessagel sent during a mailing. You specify a value for constant personalization fields in the mailing configuration.
  • OLT personalization fields. This type of personalization field is defined in an Output List Table (OLT) configured in your local Deliver installation and uploaded to HCL Unica.

You can add personalization fields to email communications by adding them to zones that are defined in email communications. You can also use custom HTML tags to embed personalization fields in the template that defines a communication. You cannot add personalization field tags to landing page templates.

You can specify a default value for a personalization field by defining sample data for the field. When you preview a personalized message , Deliver uses sample data to create the preview. If the personalization field is used in a personalization rule, the system evaluates the rule by substituting the sample data that you defined for the field.

You can view and manage personalization fields for the entire Deliver installation on the Deliver Settings window.