Publishing the communication in the Deliver Message Editor makes the communication and the resources it contains available for use in a personalized message or landing page. Publishing a communication does not transmit the communication to message recipients or landing page visitors. However, to send a message through Deliver, you must first publish the message in the Message Editor.

When you publish an email, WhatsApp, or landing page communication, Deliver places images and landing pages that are associated with the communication available on a publicly accessible server that is maintained by Unica. This server renders the requested content or landing page when message recipients open a personalized message or landing page.

Note: Deliver checks publication status when you transmit the message. A messaging campaign fails if the communication, or any landing page that is linked to the communication, is not published.

If you change a communication after you publish it, you must publish the document again to make the changes available. You can republish a communication multiple times. Deliver manages republished documents used for messages differently from the way it handles republished documents used for landing pages.