Use the Preview feature in the Message Editor to see how a personalized message might appear to message recipients. Preview simulates how personalized parts of the Deliver document used to create the email, landing page, SMS, WhatsApp may change according to the personal characteristics of each recipient.

The message or page preview is based on sample data configured for the page. If you configured sample data for the personalization fields in the document, the preview displays the sample data in place of the personalization field display names. The system evaluates personalization rules for conditional content based on the sample values you provide. You can view the page based on default sample values (if default values are configured) or experiment with new values.

If you configured personalization rules to display content conditionally, previewing the document provides an opportunity to examine the possible content variations.

The Preview section of the Message Editor contains a link to the Design Report. The Design Report provides previews of how various email clients will display the email or landing page. If you know which email clients most of your intended recipients use to view email, you can use the Design Report to optimize your email and landing page designs.