Previewing a communication

The Preview feature in the Message Editor provides a way to see the message as it will be seen by the message recipient. You can use Preview to evaluate the message design so that you can make any necessary adjustments. You can preview a communication at any time before or after you publish the communication.

About this task

You access Preview from a link in the Deliver Message Editor toolbar.

The Preview section of the Deliver Message Editor displays as a separate window within the Message Editor. Preview displays a sample of the document as it would appear when it is assembled for a mailing.

The preview document is based on the layout defined by the document template, personalization fields in the document, personalization rules, and content added to the current version of the document.

If you configured default sample values for personalization fields, the preview displays the sample values. In the Preview section, you can view a list of all personalization fields included in the document, and their default values. If sample data is not configured for the personalization field, Deliver uses the field's display name in the preview.


  1. Open an editor for the Deliver document that you want to preview. In the Message Editor toolbar, click Preview Preview button. Green circle with magnifying glass image.

    The Preview page displays in a separate Message Editor window. The preview includes a list of available personalization fields and the Reports section, where you can generate the Design Report.

    If the document includes a text-only version, personalization fields appear in the Text tab preview in square brackets. For example, [].

  2. In the Preview section, examine the appearance of the document. If you are previewing an email, examine the email header.
  3. In the list of personalization fields, you can substitute new sample values for personalization fields in the Value field. Click Update Preview to observe the change in the personalization field in the preview document.

What to do next

After you review the document and are satisfied that it is ready to be transmitted, you must publish the document to make it available for use in a messaging.