Hosted landing pages for personalized messaging

Landing pages in Deliver are personalized web pages and online forms hosted by Unica that you can link to personalized marketing messages that you send with Deliver. You create and maintain landing pages using the same composition and personalization features that you use to create personalized messages. You can also configure hosted landing pages as online forms to solicit and accept responses from message recipients.

Landing pages hosted by Unica allow you to continue interacting with your customer after the message is received. Through landing pages, you can provide additional information, offer more options, and to solicit input. Because Unica hosts the landing pages, you do not need to rely on your corporate information technology staff to maintain the pages.

Unica tracks who visits the pages and the links that page visitors open. Results for link clicks in hosted landing pages are available in standard Deliver link reports.

You create personalized landing pages with the Deliver Message Editor by modifying an HTML template that defines the layout of the page. Zones that are defined in the template accept various types of content, including images, links, and HTML snippets. You can also add personalization fields to zones in the landing page template or embed personalization fields directly in the HTML template code for the page. To create conditional content on the landing page, you can build personalization rules around the personalization fields that you add to the page.

Note: Landing pages do not support personalization methods available in advanced scripting for email.

When you add a View as Web Page link to an email, Deliver automatically creates a copy of the email as a hosted landing page. You can also manually save an email as a hosted landing page to provide email recipients with an option to view the email as a web page.