Advanced scripts for email messaging

Deliver provides a template-based scripting language for creating self-contained scripts that provide a way to personalize content in ways that you cannot easily duplicate in the Deliver Message Editor.

With Deliver advanced scripting for email, you can display multiple nested levels of conditional content or create data tables that display lists of recipient-specific values. The scripts use existing personalization fields and output list tables (OLT).

You can insert into templates for HTML or text-only email. You can add the scripts to your current email templates or incorporate them into new template designs. You cannot add advanced scripts to landing pages.

When you run a mailing, the script runs for each message in the mailing to generate the required personalization. The script output displays in an email as text that is formatted according to the design of the template.

By adding a content reference label to an advanced script, you can reference content that is stored in the Content Library, such as an image or HTML snippet. You can also upload an advanced script as a snippet to the Content Library. If you assign a reference label to the uploaded script, you can insert the script into email communications by reference.

To achieve predictable results with the advanced scripting features provided by Deliver, you must have a solid understanding of how to write and implement HTML scripts.