The Deliver Message Editor provides several ways to add links to personalized email messages, and landing pages that are hosted by Unica. Apply link attributes and inline styles to control how the links appear and how the target of the links display. Deliver tracks link clicks and stores the data in the Deliver system tables.

You can add a link to a message or landing page by modifying the underlying HTML code of a message template or snippet. You can also add a link by using the Hyperlink widget in the Message Editor. Both methods provide ways to format the appearance of the link in the message and to specify how the target of the link displays to the message recipient or landing page visitor.

Deliver automatically stores link tracking and response data for links that use http:// or https:// as a prefix. The response data is stored the local Deliver system tables database. You can access information about recipient link tracking and responses in standard Deliver reports and by accessing the Deliver system tables.

By default, Deliver tracks and records responses to links for up to 90 days after you complete the messaging run that contains the links. For each messaging run, you can configure how long the system tracks link responses.