Template design

Email and landing page templates are documents that you create outside of the Deliver Message Editor to define the layout of personalized email, hosted landing pages. The design of the template guides the design of the message. To create personalized email, marketers add content to the template by modifying the template or by using editing tools that are provided in the Message Editor.

The marketing team must clearly communicate the marketing goals of the email campaign to the email template designers. Template designers must communicate with email marketers to ensure that the templates align with marketing objectives and that the marketers understand the template designs.

To ensure that marketers can use the template to create and send marketing messages through Deliver, the template designer must be familiar with how marketers use the template in the Message Editor. Template designers must understand the guidelines and requirements for importing and modifying a template in the Message Editor. In particular, template designers must be familiar with the custom HTML tags that Deliver recognizes and how marketers can apply the custom tags.