Undoing task group changes

All changes made within a task group are captured as either create, modify, or delete history records. Task group approvers can undo task group history records. Undoing task group changes gives task group approvers more control over how they can manage tasks and task groups.

Here are some scenarios for undoing task group changes:

  • Task group approvers can quickly correct any mistakes and approve a task without rejecting it and sending it back to the contributor for revision.
  • If the work on a particular business object is not complete but the task group needs to be approved quickly, the task group approver can undo any unfinished changes, and then approve the task group.

About this task

When you undo a task group change, the history record is deleted from the task group.
Undo is enabled only if the task group is in one of the following states:
  • Inactive
  • Working
  • Ready for approval
  • Canceled
  • Commit failed
  • Publish failed
Undoing objects can cause significant changes to your task group. Before you undo a task group history record, consider the following points and limitations:
Points to consider:
  • Undoing a create history record deletes that business object.
  • Undoing a history record that includes the creation of a new business object deletes all subsequent history records related to that business object
  • Undoing a delete history record restores that object to its original state.
  • If a product with SKUs is deleted, then all its SKUs are recorded as deleted. A history record is created for the deleted product and additional history records are created for each SKU. If the product delete is undone, the product and all its SKUs are restored and all the associated delete history records are removed.
    Note: When you undo the deletion of a product, the product reverts to its approved version. For example, if a product has four SKUs, you then add SKUs to or delete SKUs from the product, delete the product, and undo the delete, the product will have four SKUs.

See Workspaces limitations for detailed information on limitations pertaining to undo.


  1. Open the Workspace Management tool.
  2. Find and open the task group or task for which you want to view the history.
  3. Click the History tab.

    Every change associated with the task group is displayed as a history record in the history table. A history record represents the changes made to a business object.

  4. To undo changes made in a history record, right-click the row that contains the history record and then click Undo.

    The history record is removed.