Defining shipping charges

Shipping charges are the monetary amounts that you charge your customers to ship their orders.

Before you begin

  1. For more information about defining shipping charges and an example, see Defining shipping data.
  2. Before you define shipping charges in Management Center, determine a strategy for all of the shipping charges you need to create.
    • Consider the following items:
      • How many shipping codes did you create? How many jurisdictions, shipping modes, and fulfillment centers are involved?
      • How many shipping charges per shipping code do you need? For example, you might create an oversized shipping code that applies to all oversized products that are to be shipped to several jurisdictions. You would have to create a charge for each jurisdiction. Also, if you offer three different shipping modes (Overnight, 3 day, and 5 day) you have to create charges based on both shipping mode and jurisdiction.
  3. Ensure that you complete the following steps: