Defining shipping codes

Shipping codes are used to group shipping charges together. For example, all oversized items could be assigned the same shipping code, Oversized. All fragile items could be assigned the shipping code Fragile. All perishable items could be assigned the shipping code Perishable.

A shipping code indicates which shipping charges are applied to products in the order. Shipping codes are assigned to products or categories. When a customer purchases a product, the shipping code that is assigned to it determines the shipping charges that are added to the order.

In order to calculate shipping charges on the order item, you must assign shipping calculation codes to either a product or category.

Before you begin

  1. Before you define shipping codes in Management Center, determine a strategy for all of the shipping codes you create.
    • For example, you can create an oversize shipping code that applies to all oversized items in the catalog. You can also create shipping codes for each type of category in your catalog (clothing, electronics, food)?
    • You can create multiple types of shipping codes, and associate more than one code with a product. For example, you can assign the shipping codes "oversize" and "electronics" to all televisions in your catalog. The effects of the shipping codes are cumulative. In the example, the total shipping charge of each television is the sum of the charges from both shipping codes, plus the shipping charge of any shipping code that is associated with all products.
  2. See, defining shipping codes, and an example, see Defining shipping data.