Viewing the list of layouts that are assigned to a page

For any page that you manage in the Commerce Composer tool, you can see the layouts that are assigned to the page in either a list view or a calendar view. These views are useful when you are planning new layouts or troubleshooting layout assignments in store preview.

About this task

The Layout - List window and the Layout - Calendar window list only those layouts that are assigned directly to the page. Layouts that are inherited by the page from parent categories are not listed.


  1. Open the Commerce Composer tool.
  2. In the explorer view, expand either the Content Pages or Catalog Pages folders, and locate the page.
  3. Right-click the page, and then choose one of the following options:
    Show Layout List The Layout - List window lists all layouts that are assigned to the page.

    You can sort the list by clicking certain column headings, such as Priority, Layout Name, Start Date, and End Date.

    Note: The listed layouts are assigned to the current page and can be assigned to other pages as shown in the Assigned to column. If you remove the layout from this list, you are deleting the layout object, but not the relationship between the selected category and layout. This impacts all pages where the layout is assigned.
    Show Layout Calendar The Layout - Calendar window also lists the layouts that are assigned to the page for a specific date range.
    You can adjust the date range that is displayed in the calendar:
    • In the Range fields, enter the date range.
    • Scroll the date range selector horizontally by using the scroll bar under the selector. Then resize the width of the date range selector by using either the Scale options, or by dragging either side of the date range selector.

    You can sort the list by clicking certain column headings, such as Priority and Layout Name.

  4. To open any layout in the list, double-click the row.