Viewing information about pages and layouts in store preview

When you are previewing a page, you can open the Page and Layout Information window to find out whether the page is using an assigned layout or the default layout. The window also provides details about how layout assignments were evaluated. This window is useful for troubleshooting layout assignments.

In addition, the window provides Create or Edit links for the page and its layout so that you can move more efficiently from store preview back to the Commerce Composer tool.


  1. Open the Commerce Composer tool.
  2. Launch store preview.
  3. Browse to the page that you want to view information about.
  4. At the top of the store preview window, click Show Layout Information.

    The following screen capture shows an example of the Page and Layout Information window. In this example, the window shows the layout that is applied to the Dresses page. The evaluation details show that the layout assignments for parent categories were checked, and the Dresses page inherits a layout from the Apparel category.

    Page and Layout Information window
  5. Click an Edit link to edit the corresponding page or layout in the Commerce Composer tool, or click the Create link to create a layout for the page.