HCL Commerce Enterprise

Conditions in price rules

You might need to set prices differently within a single price rule depending on certain conditions. If so, add condition elements to your price rule. Your price rule must contain a Condition Branch to create a separate path for each condition element.

Condition Function

Catalog ConditionCatalog Condition

Used to set prices differently for specific categories or catalog entries in the catalog.

Customer ConditionCustomer Condition

Used to set prices differently for customers depending on the member groups or organizations to which they belong.

Comparison ConditionComparison Condition

Used to set prices differently depending on the result of a comparison of two prices or values.

Price List ConditionPrice List Condition

Used to check a price list you specify to determine if it contains a price for the catalog entries that the price rule handles.

Date ConditionDate Condition

Used to set the start and end points for dates and times in discount pricing requests.