HCL Commerce Enterprise

Condition Branch in a price rule

Use the Condition Branch in a price rule to set prices differently depending on conditions you specify. The Condition Branch splits a single path in a price rule into multiple paths. Your price rule must contain a Condition Branch if you want to use any of the condition elements, such as the Customer Condition or Catalog Condition elements.

Guidelines for using a Condition Branch

  • Use only one type of condition on the paths that extend from a given condition branch. For example, do not use a Customer Condition on one path and a Price List Condition on another path extending from the same Condition Branch.
  • Place only a single condition element on each path extending from a Condition Branch.
  • You can use more than one Condition Branch in the same price rule.

For examples of how to use the Condition Branch, visit any of the links in Conditions in price rules. Additional guidelines are provided in the topics for each condition.