HCL Commerce Enterprise

Viewing where price lists, rules, equations, and constants are used

You might need to check where a pricing object is used before changing it or deleting it. For example, before changing a price equation, you might want to see a list of price rules that use the price equation. If so, you can open the pricing object and click a tab labeled References. For price rules, this tab also shows a list of contracts to which the price rule is assigned. The References tab is available for these pricing objects: price lists, price rules, price equations, and price constants.

About this task

You cannot delete a pricing object if it is being used in another pricing object. For example, you cannot delete a price list if it is used in a price rule or a price equation. If you want to delete a pricing object, you must remove it from all pricing objects that use it.


  1. Open Management Center Tools and from Hamburger menu, click Manage Accounts > Catalog Filter and Pricing .
  2. In the explorer view, click the folder containing the pricing object you want to check, for example, the Price Rules folder.
  3. In the list view, right-click the pricing object that you want to check, and then click Open.
  4. Click the tab labeled References.
    The tab lists any pricing objects that reference the current pricing object. For price rules, the tab also lists contracts to which the price rule is assigned.

    Note: If you are logged on to an asset store, the References tab does not display pricing objects from an extended site store. For example, if you are viewing a price equation that belongs to the asset store, the References tab does not display price rules from extended site stores that use the price equation.

  5. To view or edit any pricing object listed on the References tab, double-click the row containing its name; to return to the current pricing object, click its name in the explorer view.

    Note: If you are viewing the References tab for a price rule, you cannot double-click and open a contract. Contracts are managed in HCL Commerce Accelerator only.