HCL Commerce Version or later

Managing content in HCL Digital Experience

HCL Commerce integration with HCL Digital Experience allows digital assets managed within HCL Digital Experience to be utilized anywhere within the HCL Commerce storefront..

For more information about the integration between HCL Commerce and HCL Digital Experience, see HCL Digital Experience integration.

HCL Digital Experience capabilities allow you to fully customize the experience of business users in creating and managing content.

Marketing Managers can create a new Digital Experience Content content type from Management Center and associate a digital asset from HCL Digital Experience by launching the HCL Digital Experience Content Composer tool from Management Center. This content can be assigned as default content to Marketing Spots or as part of recommended content from any rule based Marketing Activities. The ID for the selected content is displayed in Management Center along with the properties and metadata for the content.

The integration also includes the reference implementation for the React Store application that retrieves the headless content from HCL Digital Experience and all presentation logic is applied by the React recommend content widget.

Note: Aurora stores based on the JSP model do not support Digital Experience Content. If you want to use HCL Digital Experience Content Composer capabilities in the JSP Store, you must customize the logic in the JSPs to retrieve headless content or pre-rendered content from HCL Digital Experience to display on any page.