Downloading the HCL Commerce Store SDK

HCL Commerce provides a standalone Store SDK with Reference Store applications that is based on the Node.js react-app. The Store SDK is completely independent of the HCL Commerce toolkit.

The Store SDK also provides 2 Reference Store application with common code but packaged with a B2C flow (Emerald) and a B2B flow (Sapphire).

HCL Commerce Version or laterNote: From HCL Commerce Version and onwards, the tar-gzip packages are not provided with the git- bundle. The source code from these packages are available in individual folders in the packages sub-folder.

What does the Store SDK provide

The Store SDK provides the following features to help front end developers to develop the React Store application UI.
  • A standalone Store SDK environment that is based on Node.js react-app.
  • A node web server to serve the store.
  • A mock API server to simulate responses from back end REST APIs.
  • A build for the internal node server (npm install).
  • A build for static files deployable to the store-web web server (npm run build).
  • Reference Store application that you can use to develop your own React Store applications.


The Store SDK requires the following prerequisites before you can use it to develop your custom React Store application:
  • Any operating system that supports a Node.js environment. For example, Windows, MacOS, Linux.
  • Node.js and npm.
  • Any web development IDE of your choice.
  • Chrome, FireFox, or Safari browsers. You can also use Edge and IE with the required extensions.
  • Git to manage the project.

Download the HCL Commerce Store SDK

You can download the Store SDK as a project from the HCL Software License & Delivery site. This ensures that only end customers have access to the Store SDK. After you download the project, you can manage it in Git.

The HCL Software License & Delivery is the site for managing Software Licenses and providing you with Software Downloads. If you have not registered for the site, see How to register to HCL Software portals.

To download the Store SDK, complete the following steps:
  1. Review Obtaining HCL Commerce Developer software and Review the list of the latest available download packages to ensure that you are obtaining the most up-to-date version of HCL Commerce software.
  2. Go to the HCL Software License & Delivery site.
  3. Search for, download, and extract the latest version of the Store SDK to obtain the HCL Commerce Enterprise V9.1.x.x _ Store SDK git-bundle.

Installing the Store SDK

The Store SDK is delivered as a git-bundle so that you can have visibility into the change history of the overall Store SDK and you can compare and merge new updates of the store into your own Git custom Store project (or other SCS).

Complete the following steps to install the project:
  • Install Git. For more information, see
  • Move the downloaded HCL Commerce Enterprise V9.1.x.x _ Store SDK into a working directory.
  • Clone the project in Git from the downloaded git-bundle by running the following command:
    For Windows: git clone -c core.longpaths=true <Store SDK bundle> <target-directory>
    Note: If you do not set config core.longpaths=true you might get the following error 
    when you run the git clone command: "Unable to create file <filename>: Filename too long."
    For MacOS or Linux: git clone <Store SDK bundle> <target-directory>

    A Git project containing the Store SDK is created at the target-directory. You can check the code into your source control management system.