Previewing the store

You can use store preview to ensure that changes that are made in Management Center show up in your store as expected. The store preview for a React Store works similar to the store preview for a JSP Store.

Consider the following points for the store preview for a React Store.
  • React Stores support only Elasticsearch. If you make changes to your store from a workspace, these changes are not reflected in the store preview.
  • The store preview opens in a separate tab in the Management Center.
  • In the store preview when you click Preview Settings, you can update the store URL, the date and time, whether time remains static or elapsing in the preview window, and the applicable customer segments. When you click Apply Changes, the updated preview is displayed in the same preview tab. This allows business users to easily preview the site in the context of different customer segments.
  • The preview URL for the store preview page is not password protected.
  • Click-to-edit functions are not available for React Store previews.
  • Show Page Information and Show Layout Information features are also not available for React Store previews.

For more information, see Store preview.