HCL Commerce Version or later

Email Templates and Notifications

The Store SDK contains email templates to send order confirmation, order cancellation, and order shipment notification emails. It also contains email templates for password reset request notifications, password change notifications, and to support shopper email activation scenarios.

The Reference Store application email templates are all generated from JavaServer Page (JSP) files on the Store server Docker container.

Usually a third party email engine is used to compose and send emails to customers.

Setup and configuration

To set up email for the Reference Store application stores, you must manually deploy the templates that are provided in Emerald-crs-web.zip file.
HCL Commerce Version or laterNote: Emerald-crs-web.zip file download is not required.
  1. Download Emerald-crs-web.zip.
  2. Extract and place the contents into the correct location depending on the environment.
    • For the toolkit environment, extract the contents of downloaded Emerald-crs-web.zip file into the following folders:
      • <WCDE_InstallDir>/workspace/crs-web/WebContent
      • <WCDE_InstallDir>/workspace/crs-web/WebContent/WEB-INF/classes
      • <WCDE_InstallDir>/workspace/crs-web/WebContent/WEB-INF/spring
    • For a production environment, create a WCBD package with the contents of Emerald-crs-web.zip, and then deploy them to your Store server Docker container server Docker container.
Note: For emails to be sent, you must configure the e-mail transport method in Management Center and ensure that the status is active. For more information, see:

Working with email templates

All emails have top and bottom banners. These banners can be controlled by business users through marketing content in Management Center. The top banner is named EmailBanner_Content, and the bottom banner is named EmailBottom_Content.

The full contents of some emails can also be controlled by business users through the same use of marketing content. The following emails are fully modifiable by business users:
  • Password reset request notification
  • Password change notification
  • Shopper email activation

Any aspects of email templates that are not included in the above marketing content must be modified directly by developers. The following is a list of email templates and their respective JSP file locations:

Table 1. Email templates for React stores
Type Location
Shopper account activation <storeDir>\EmailTemplates\User\AccountActivationNotify.jsp
Password reset request <storeDir>\EmailTemplates\User\PasswordResetNotify.jsp
Password changed <storeDir>\EmailTemplates\User\PasswordChangeNotify.jsp
Order approval <storeDir>\EmailTemplates\User\ApproverNotify.jsp
Order confirmation <storeDir>\EmailTemplates\Order\OrderCreateNotify.jsp
Order cancellation <storeDir>\EmailTemplates\Order\OrderCancelNotify.jsp
Order shipment <storeDir>\EmailTemplates\Order\OrderShipmentNotify.jsp