Configuring outbound email notification messages

Use the Management Center to configure outbound email notification messages.


  1. Open Management Center Tools.
  2. From the hamburger menu select System Administration > Message Types.
  3. Enable the Show filters toggle switch. Select store from the Store filter.
  4. Click on the Message type for which you want to configure the email notification.
  5. Edit message type page opens.
  6. In the Message type details column,
    • Specify Minimum severity.
      Note: Minimum severity has to be specified as 0.
    • Specify Maximum severity.
    • Search for the transport method.
    • Select the Standard device format from the list of available device formats.
    • Click the check-box if you want to archive messages.
  7. Click Save to save the information.
  8. Click Message type configuration. The Message Transport Assignment parameter page is displayed.
    Host Type the fully qualified name of your mail server.
    Protocol Type smtp.
    Port Type the port number of the host. For example, 25.
    Send Partial
    Send an email to valid addresses in the Recipient field, even if there are invalid addresses in the same field.
    Send the email only if all addresses are valid.
    Retry Duration The duration (in hours) within which the server can try to reconnect to an SMTP host when the server is down.
    User Name Type the user name to log on to the SMTP server.
    Note: Once the user name is specified, the secure connection to the SMTP server is required.
    Password Type the assigned password to authenticate SMTP server usage.
    Recipient Specify a default recipient. If multiple recipients are specified, separate recipient names with commas. The recipient name is replaced by the customer email address at runtime.
    Sender Specify the sender of the message. This text appears in the Sender field of the email message.
    Subject Specify the subject of the message. This text appears in the Subject field of the email message. You can specify one subject per locale.
    CC Type the email addresses that you want copies of the message sent to.
    BCC Type the email addresses that you want private copies of the message sent to.
    Reply To Type the email address all replies should be sent to.
    Content-Type Specify text/plain or text/html.
  9. Click Save.

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