config_ant utility

The config_ant utility is a front end to the Apache Ant tool.


The config_ant script is a front end to the Apache Ant tool with the following characteristics:
  • Uses the implementation of Ant that is provided by WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5.5 (Ant V1.6.5)
  • Sets up the classpath so that WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Commerce Ant tasks can be called
  • If the default build file is used, some basic validation is performed before the Ant build is executed.
  • Sets Java logging configuration using the properties file: WC_installdir/config/deployment/properties/


The standard Apache Ant command-line parameters are supported. Similar to Apache Ant, the utility can be used to run any user-defined Ant build file. To specify a build file other than the default build file use the -buildfile command-line argument. For example, config_ant.bat/sh -buildfile PathToAntBuildfile [other parameters]

See the Apache Ant documentation (for Apache Ant V1.6.5) for more details on using Ant and Ant build files. Depending on the build file, there might be required or supported command-line parameters.

In addition to the standard Apache Ant command-line parameters, an optional passwordFile parameter allows users to pass a properties file that contains encrypted passwords. Use the properties file to hide passwords from the command prompt. For more information about adding passwords to the properties file, see Changing config_ant utility password properties file.


  • LinuxAIXFor IBM i OS operating systemWC_installdir/bin/ -buildfile buildfile -logfile logfile [-DpasswordFile=passwordFile]
  • WindowsWC_installdir\bin\config_ant.bat -buildfile buildfile -logfile logfile [-DpasswordFile=passwordFile]
Optional: The full path to the Ant build file. If you do not specify an Ant build file, then it defaults to the WebSphere Commerce instance creation build script. The default build file is:


Optional: The full path to the output log file target location. If the default build file is used and its default target is selected, then the output is logged to the default instance creation log file:

WC_installdir/instances/instance_name/logs/createInstanceANT.log. Otherwise, the output goes to the console and is not logged.

Optional: The full path to the password properties file. The properties file can contain encrypted passwords that might be required when running the utility. For example, you can store encrypted database administrator (dbaPassword) or database user (dbUserPassword) passwords. Passwords that are entered on the command line take precedence over the passwords that are in the password file. For more information, see Changing config_ant utility password properties file.