WebSphere Commerce Version

CleanSEOURL utility

Use the CleanSEOURL utility to clean up any tables that are related to search engine optimization (SEO) URL redirects and SEO URL keywords from a command line.

Parameter values

The fully qualified TCP/IP name of your WebSphere Commerce Server. If you are using a remote web server, you must use the host name of the remote web server.
The WebSphere Commerce Site Administrator's user ID. You must have Site Administrator access to publish a store archive.
The WebSphere Commerce Site Administrator's password.
Set the flag to determine the need to generate a report for deleted URL keywords. The default value is false.
Set the directory to where you want the file exported to.
Indicates whether to cleanup inactive and expired keywords when running the utility.

When set to true, all SEOURL, SEOURLKEYWORD, and SEOREDIRECT entries are deleted that have the URL keyword in inactive or expired status. That is, a status of 0 or 2.


The following example shows you how to use the CleanSEOURL:

  • LinuxAIXFor IBM i OS operating system
    ./cleanSEOURL.sh -svr myHost -userid myUserId -pwd myPWD 
    -outputDeletedKeywordsToFile true -filePath /opt/Websphere/CommerceServer70
  • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWindows
    cleanSEOURL.bat -svr myHost -userid myUserId -pwd myPWD 
    -outputDeletedKeywordsToFile true -filePath c:\wcs\temp
Note: A valid file path must be specified when the outputDeletedKeywordsToFile parameter is set to true.