WebSphere Commerce Developer

wcs_xpathkey utility

The XPath key generator command-line utility, wcs_xpathkey.bat, takes an XPath expression as input and generates an XPath key. This key is used to locate the XPATH_TO_SQL_STATEMENT template in the query template file.

Parameter values

Required. The xPath expression to be used to generate the key.


From the following directory:
  • WCDE_installdir\bin
Run the following command:
xmlfMig.bat xPath
For example, for this input:
wcs_xpathkey /CatalogEntry[(@catalogEntryTypeCode='ProductBean' or @catalogEntryTypeCode='ItemBean') and ParentCatalogGroupIdentifier[ExternalIdentifier[GroupIdentifier='Coffee Table']]]
The output from this command would be:
/CatalogEntry[(@catalogEntryTypeCode=) and ParentCatalogGroupIdentifier[ExternalIdentifier[GroupIdentifier=]]]