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restClassicSampleGen utility

The restClassicSampleGen utility automates the creation of mapping files with the configuration-based controller command and data bean mapping framework.

Syntax diagram for restClassicSampleGen utility

Parameter values

Use ABSOLUTE when explicitly stating the classes to generate mappings for.
Use PATTERN to find classes that match the specified Java regular expression patterns.
The default value is ABSOLUTE.
The base Java package (excluding final period) to generate mappings for.
The default value is ''.
Use FILE to specify that a file is used containing line-separated entries of either Java regular expression patterns, or explicit classes in com/example/MyClass.java format.
Use DIRECT if directly specifying a Java regular expression pattern or class name.
The default value is DIRECT.
If the locationType FILE was specified, it is the path to the file.
If the locationType DIRECT was specified, it is the actual Java regular expression or explicit class.
The output directory. The directory is created if it does not exist. Subdirectories are created for each class type generated.
One or more of the comma-separated values DATABEAN, CONTROLLERCOMMAND, and ALL.
The default value is ALL.
Specifies characters to prefix input parameters with in the mapping file.
The default value is ''.
The depth of mappings to create when recursively traversing the classes.
The default value is 3.
Specifies extra JAR files and directories to include to locate classes, which are separated with ;.


From the following directory:
  • WCDE_installdir\bin
Run the following command:
  • restClassicSampleGen.bat searchType=searchType basePackage=basePackage locationType=locationType location=location outputDir=outputDir classTypes=classTypes inputPrefix=inputPrefix sampleDepth=sampleDepth additionalClassPath=additionalClassPath