invalidSearchCache utility

The invalidSearchCache utility can be used from the command line to invalidate the contents of the specified cache.

For environments in which the search index is created in non-production, cache invalidation calls from the UpdateSearchIndex scheduled job do not make it to the production servers. The job scheduler provides a command, InvalidateSearchCache, that can be used to invalidate the cache. If you want to manually issue the command, use the invalidSearchCache command line script.

Each time the invalidSearchCache utility is run, it enters a time stamp into the CACHEIVL database table. This time stamp indicates when the last invalidation CACHEIVL entries were generated. The next time that the utility is run, it compares this time stamp against the last modification time of all indexed entries. Any index entry that was modified later than the time stamp has its cached version invalidated.

Syntax diagram for invalidSearchCache utility

Parameter values

The name of the WebSphere Commerce instance.
Hostname of the server that is running WebSphere Commerce.
The master catalog ID.
User ID of the WebSphere Commerce Site Administrator. The publish job is run under the authority of this user.
Password of the WebSphere Commerce Site Administrator user.

Optional parameters

The index type: CatalogEntry or CatalogGroup. Default is both.
True or false. Default value is false.
Method for invalidating the cache. Choices are 'database' or 'index.'

database - This is the default value. The invalidSearchCache utility uses TI_DELTA_CATENTRY/CATGROUP to generate invalidation entries in CACHEIVL table.

index - The invalidSearchCache utility generates invalidation entries based on the most recent changes to the Repeater.


From the following directory,
  • WC_installdir/bin
  • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperDB2WCDE_installdir\bin
Where the instance name is "myinstance," the host name is "myhost," the master catalog ID is 10001, and the indexType is CatalogEntry. -instance myinstance -server myhost -masterCatalogId 10001 -indexType CatalogEntry