Changing config_ant utility password properties file

Add passwords to a properties file so that you can hide passwords from the command prompt when you run the config_ant utility.

About this task

Encrypt and then store passwords in a properties file to protect passwords from being viewed or stolen from the command prompt screen. A sample password properties file is provided: WC_installdir/config/deployment/properties/

You can store passwords that you would normally need to use when you run the config_ant utility. For example:
  • dbaPassword
  • dbUserPassword
  • siteAdminPassword
  • SolrWASAdminPassword

When you run the config_ant utility utility, you can specify some passwords on the command line and also pass the properties file as a parameter. Command-line passwords always take priority over passwords that are stored in the properties file.

  • Parameters are case-sensitive. Ensure that the parameter names are entered correctly in the properties file.
  • You must store the ASCII encrypted password to the properties file.


  1. Generate an encrypted password. Use the wcs_encrypt utility without specifying a merchant key.
    For example:
    • wcs_encrypt password
    • LinuxAIXwcs_encrypt 'password'
  2. Copy the ASCII encrypted string that was generated.
  3. Open the WC_installdir/config/deployment/properties/ file.
  4. Paste the ASCII encrypted string to the password property.
    For example, for a dbaPassword:
  5. Save and close the file.

What to do next

To use the password properties file, specify the -DpasswordFile parameter when you run the config_ant utility.