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Replacing an existing Business Object Document reply message

Business Object Document (BOD) messages sent from the IBM Sales Center client to the WebSphere Commerce Server are mapped to WebSphere Commerce controller commands through the WebSphere Commerce message mapper. The WebSphere Commerce configuration file contains this message mapper entry. This section explains how to replace an existing Business Object Document reply message.


  1. Create a new class that implements the ITelesalesResponseBuilder interface
  2. If you haven't ever done so before, create a response builder custom registry file. The following entry in the WebSphere Commerce configuration file file points to the response builder registry:
      enable="true" name="Telesales Response Builder Registry
            display="false" enableBaseRegistryOverride="false"/>

    You can modify the customRegistryFileName and customRegistryFilePath attributes to point to a custom registry file. Ensure that enableBaseRegistryOverride is set to true. Entries in the custom registry will be combined with the entries in the base registry file. In the event that the same verb/noun pair is registered in both registry files, then the custom entry will be the one that is used. The base registry file for the IBM Sales Center is WC_eardir/xml/messaging/TelesalesRegistry.xml.

  3. Register your class in the response builder custom registry file. Entries in the custom registry file will override response builder registrations in the base registry file. Use the same format as in WC_eardir/xml/messaging/TelesalesRegistry.xml.