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Overview of customizing IBM Sales Center

In the IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce there is a set of user interface panels, views and dialogs that contain the most commonly used features. You can add to or configure the user interface to suit your needs, as well as changing the content and format of the data that is passed between the client and the server.

What you need to know before you start

To customize Sales Center, you should be able to use WebSphere Commerce Developer and you should know the following programming languages:
  • Understand the Eclipse framework, see Eclipse platform documentation.
  • Understand how to work with XML files. You will be able to perform simple modifications to the user interface, for example, remove a page from an editor, or change a key binding.
  • Java programming. You will be able to make moderate modifications to the IBM Sales Center, for example, customizing an editor or changing what data is passed between the IBM Sales Center client and server, you need knowledge of Java programming as well as working with XML files.
  • To perform extensive modifications, for example, adding a new editor and moving several user interface elements to the pages of this editor, you require a general knowledge of the Eclipse platform. In particular, it is critical to understand the use of extension points.
If you do not have the required skills, consider taking these courses:

You should also have the knowledge described in the following table:

Required knowledge See
Understand features Sales Center provides for CSRs IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce
Understand the Sales Center development environment IBM Sales Center development environment
Understand Sales Center architecture IBM Sales Center architecture
Understand the Sales Center user interface framework IBM Sales Center user interface framework DeveloperWorks article
Understand Sales Center extension points IBM Sales Center extension points
Plan your modifications Planning a customization to the IBM Sales Center