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There are several types of editors in the IBM Sales Center. These editors are used to create and manage orders, quotes, ticklers, returns, and customers. Editors are where the Customer Service Representatives do the majority of their work.

Editors can be composed of one or multiple editor pages. The default Sales perspective contains an editor area and one or more views. Any number of editors can be open at the same time, but only one editor can be active. In addition, multiple instances of the same editor type can be open. However if one editor is already open for a specific store or order, a second editor instance for that store or order cannot be opened.

The contents of editor pages are user interface elements known as controls and managed composite controls.

There are several editors already provided with the IBM Sales Center:

  • Store Summary editor
  • Customer editor
  • Organization Summary editor
  • Order editor
  • Quote editor
  • Product Compare editor
  • Create Tickler editor
  • Work on Tickler editor
  • Web browser editor