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User Interface Layouts in the IBM Sales Center

The IBM Sales Center client follows the standard SWT Layout architecture as defined by the Eclipse platform. These layouts determine the size and spacing of the contents of dialogs, editors, perspectives, and views in the IBM Sales Center. Each layout sets the size and position of the individual widgets in a composite by reference to the composite definition.

The IBM Sales Center provides extension points to use this architecture.

  • The formLayout layout controls the position and size of the individual widgets by configuring the edges of each individual control.
  • The gridLayout layout lays out the widgets in a grid.
  • The rowLayout layout places the widgets either in a horizontal row or a vertical column.
  • The stackLayout layout stacks the widgets and also resizes them to a uniform size.

These extension points allow you to specify and reuse a layout without writing Java code to the SWT Layout Java programming interface (org.eclipse.swt.layout). To modify the layouts in the IBM Sales Center, you can also use these extension points to create your own extensions in a customization plug-in and override the default IBM Sales Center layouts.

See Understanding Layouts in SWT available fro the Eclipse Web site. You can also consult the API.