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System configurator

The system configurator extension point is defined in the com.ibm.commerce.telesales plug-in. The IBM Sales Center platform provides the ability to specify a system configurator for each plug-in to identify which extensions will be used over the default IBM Sales Center extensions. The purpose of this extension point is to allow plug-ins to specify the location of their system configurator file. The file name must be config.ini. This file is a text file that allows you to provide a substitute extension ID that will be used to replace a standard IBM Sales Center extension ID. For information about the general syntax of a properties file, refer to the j ava.util.Properties API information. The following is a sample system configurator extension definition. The configurator file config.ini must be located in a directory called config that is located in the root directory of the plug-in that is defining the extension.

<extension point="com.ibm.commerce.telesales.configurator">
        <configurator path="config"/>

The following sample config.ini file assumes that you have defined an alternative version of the logon dialog using the dialogs extension point. It indicates that you want to replace the default logon dialog, com.ibm.commerce.telesales.logonDialog with your own dialog, com.mycompany.logonDialog.

Note: The system configurator is an IBM Sales Center extension mechanism, not an Eclipse extension mechanism. As such, the only IDs that can be substituted are ones explicitly mentioned in the "Replacing ..." or "Adding ..." pages in this documentation. For example, perspectives cannot be substituted because the code that looks them up comes from the Eclipse platform.