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A perspective is a particular rendering of the IBM Sales Center that contains a predefined combination of views and editors. There are two perspectives in the IBM Sales Center, the Orders and Web Browser perspectives, that enable different sets of tasks. Both perspectives can be open and visible, but only one can be active at a time.

Perspectives are represented in the WebSphere Everyplace Deployment platform (and in the IBM Sales Center client) as applications, and are launched from the Application menu.

The Orders perspective is used to create and manage orders, quotes, customers, and organizations as well as to view and work with merchandising associations, marketing promotions, and ticklers. It is the default perspective that opens each time upon logging on to the IBM Sales Center and it is where the users do the majority of their work.

B2B directNote: Organizations and the Organization Administration Console apply to B2B direct stores only.

The Web Browser perspective includes a toolbar that links directly to WebSphere Commerce management pages: the Organization Administration Console and WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.