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Globalization in the IBM Sales Center

The IBM Sales Center has a large set of displayable text on the various parts of its user interface, such as window titles, dialog messages, labels, button text, and table column headers. These text strings are externalized from the code and placed into Properties files called resource bundles. Properties files exist for the default language as well as various supported locales.

The application starts up the first time using the default language properties file if no locale setting is detected on the client machine. The language that IBM Sales Center uses to display menus and labels is set by the -nl argument on the command line or, if no such argument is provided, by the operating system language setting (Regional Settings in Windows). If a language parameter is supplied or set, then an attempt is made to load the associated properties file and restart the application showing the new display text in the appropriate language. If the translated properties file is not found, the application will always fall back to the default properties file.

By default, the English language IBM Sales Center resources are located in the com.ibm.commerce.telesales.resources plug-in in the resources directory in the file telesalesResources_en_US.properties. Alternate locale files are located in the com.ibm.commerce.telesales.resources.nl1 plug-in, in the resources directory.

Note: The settings on the Customer preferences page are used when creating a new customer, as default values for their preferred language and currency, and need not have any connection to the IBM Sales Center locale.