Storefront customization tools

WebSphere Commerce Accelerator provides tools to change various elements of the storefront, such as the store or site's logo, flow, text, and style. WebSphere Commerce starter stores, showcase many such configurable elements. Depending on the needs of the store or site, the store developer can make additional choices for flow, text, and style available to the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator tools by modifying the store or site's storefront assets.

WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseA common customization scenario is a host (for instance, an ISP) or an enterprise (for instance, a franchise owner) providing additional flow or style options for their stores or Extended Sites. The information contained in this section should thus be especially useful in the context of the Extended Sites business model.

To be applicable across the editions of WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Commerce Developer, the instructions outlined in this section are based on customization of a consumer direct store. WebSphere Commerce Enterprise These instructions, however, translate easily to the multiple-site scenarios by performing customization on appropriate storefront asset stores, such as the consumer direct storefront asset store in the extended site scenario or the B2B direct reseller storefront asset store in the demand chain scenario.