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Adding a new Business Object Document reply message

This section explains how to add a new BOD reply message.

About this task

Creating a new response builder

To create a new reply message, first create a new response builder and then define the mapping as explained in this topic. To create a new business document response builder, create a class that implements the


interface. After that, add an entry to the custom registry to register the new response builder created.

To add a new Business Object Document reply message:


  1. Add an entry to the custom registry to register the new response builder. To do this, create a new registry file, that will override the existing TelesalesRegistry.xml file in the <install-dir>\xml\messaging directory at server side. The new file should be called TelesalesRegistry-ext.xml and placed in the same directory.
  2. Enter the following text in the new file TelesalesRegistry-ext.xml:
     <Noun name="Noun_Name">
      <Verb name="Vern_Name">
    For example:
    <Noun name="Customer">
     <Verb name="Create">
  3. Now find the wc-server.xml file under <install-dir>\xml\config and modify it such that the extended file also gets loaded along with the existing entries in the TelesalesRegistry.xml. The modified entry would look like this:
    true" />
    These entries can be found in the following component tag of wc-server.xml file: com.ibm.commerce.telesales.configuration.TelesalesRegistryComponentConfiguration Restart the WebSphere Commerce Test Server so that the server reflects the change to the wc-server.xml file.


Guidelines for adding a new request/response class or extending the existing one

  1. First, search for the similar verb-noun combination of the request/response class in API details (Mainly these verbs: get, create, sync, cancel and process).
  2. If the required class is available, then extend it as explained in the documentation.
  3. If you cannot find the related class, create a new one and register it.