Introduced in Feature Pack 1

Generating product-level SKUs

Instead of creating SKUs manually, generate multiple SKUs for a product. The generated SKUs are based on all the possible combinations of the defining attributes of a product. If there are no defining attributes for the product, the SKU generation creates a single SKU.

The generated SKU inherits all the properties of the product (such as the product description, descriptive attributes, list price, offer price, and manufacturer) except the merchandising associations of the product.

The SKU codes are based on the product code. For example, the SKU code for a single generated SKU with a product code of "T0000167" is "T0000167_SKU". If multiple SKUs are generated from a product, the SKU code is from "T0000167_SKU_1" to "T0000167_SKU_n"; where n is the total number of SKUs generated.

When you generate SKUs, ensure that the total SKU combinations do not exceed 500. For example, if your product has a size attribute with three values and a color attribute with four values, the total SKU combinations are 12 (3 x 4).

  • Feature Pack 1SKUs cannot be generated for products with attribute dictionary attributes.
  • Introduced in Feature Pack 2SKUs can be generated with attribute dictionary attributes.
  • SKUs cannot be generated if the new defining attributes of a product are unsaved.
  • WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseSKUs cannot be generated for a product that belongs to an asset store if you are in the extended site store.
  • This feature is a convenient way of generating a few SKUs for a product. If you plan to generate more than 500 SKUs, use the data load utility or the Catalog Upload feature for performance reasons.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. Use one of the following methods to generate the SKUs for a product:
    Using the toolbar button
    1. Find the product you want to generate SKUs for.
    2. Select the product, and click the Generate SKUs icon Generate SKUs in the toolbar.
    Using a menu of a list view
    1. From the explorer filter, select Master Catalog Categories.
    2. Go to the category containing the product you want to generate SKUs for.
    3. Right-click the category; then click Show Catalog Entries.
    4. Right-click the product on the list, and select Generate SKUs.
    The possible SKU combinations are generated but not saved yet to the database.
  3. Optional: In the explorer view, go through the generated SKUs, click a particular SKU combination you do not want to save, and click Close. You can also remove inherited descriptive attributes and modify the properties of the SKUs.
  4. Click Save to save the SKUs.