WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseIntroduced in Feature Pack 2

Creating a price list by manually adding catalog entries and prices

As an alternative to uploading a price list, you can add catalog entries to a price list in a Management Center page, and then enter prices in different currencies.


  1. Open the Catalog Filter and Pricing tool.
  2. From the toolbar, click the arrow on the right side of Create New Create New; then select Price List.
  3. Set the price list properties:
    Name Type a name for this price list. This name displays in the Price List - List page, and in price rules and price equations in which the price list is used.
    Description Enter text that explains what the price list contains and how it should be used.
    Catalog entries Build your price list by following these steps:
    1. In the Catalog entries table, specify the catalog entries to include in this price list. Use either of these methods:
      • In the field above the Catalog entries table, enter the catalog entry name or code, and then click Find and Add.
      • Click the Show utilities view Show utilities view icon to open the utilities view, search or browse for the catalog entry, and then drag it into the Catalog entries table.

        Tip: In the utilities view, you can select multiple catalog entries using either Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click, and then drag the entire set into your price list at once.

    2. In the Minimum Quantity column, specify the minimum number of each catalog entry that the customer must purchase to get the price defined in this row. In most cases, this value is 1.

      Tip: To set different prices for different quantities, add the same catalog entry to the price list multiple times, and then specify a price for each minimum quantity, as shown in this example:

      Example of range pricing
    3. In the currency columns for each row, specify the price of each catalog entry in the price list.
  4. Save and close the price list.