WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseIntroduced in Feature Pack 2

Creating price lists in CSV format

In a spreadsheet editor, you can create the price list data that you want to upload in CSV format. The easiest way to create this data is to export an existing WebSphere Commerce price list and then replace the data with your new price list data. Alternatively, you can download a sample CSV file to use as a starting point.

Before you begin

Review the CSV format that is described in the following topic:


  1. Choose one of the following options:
    • Download the sample price list CSV file at this link, and then save it under a new name to a folder on your computer:


    • Export a price list from the Catalog Filter and Pricing tool:
      1. Open the Catalog Filter and Pricing tool.
      2. In the explorer view, click the Price Lists folder.
      3. Right-click any price list. Then, click Export.
      4. Save the exported file to a folder on your computer.
      5. Rename the exported file.
  2. In a spreadsheet editor, open the CSV file that you downloaded or exported.

    Do not delete the first row or the second row of the spreadsheet data, because your CSV file requires this data. The first row contains the object key word Offer and the second row contains all of the column headings that are mandatory for a price list CSV file.

  3. Delete the third row and all subsequent rows of data in the spreadsheet (unless you want to retain the price list data from the exported or downloaded price list).
  4. Starting from the third row, build your price list by specifying values in the mandatory and optional columns.
  5. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.
    Note: By default, the maximum file size for uploads is 10 MB.


The CSV file is created in a suitable format for the Price List Upload feature. When you upload the file, the keyword and the column headers are interpreted but are not uploaded to the price list.