Introduced in Feature Pack 2

Action: Add or Replace Search Criteria

Use this action in a search rule to add or replace search criteria when customers submit searches in the store. Adding search criteria limits the scope of search results in your store by adding additional search criteria, while replacing search criteria modifies the search results.

Adding search criteria

You can add search criteria for the following search filters:Feature Pack 4Feature Pack 2Feature Pack 5Feature Pack 3
  • Manufacturer name
  • Part number
  • Manufacturer part number
  • Catalog entry type
  • Name
  • Short description
  • Category
The property to be used as a filter.
The following properties are available by default:
  • Code
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Name
  • Short Description
Note: Search rule actions and targets in the Management Center dynamically populate a list of catalog entry indexed properties. Your IT administrator must customize WebSphere Commerce search when new indexed catalog entry properties are added to search rule actions or targets. For more information, see Adding catalog entry properties to search rule actions or targets.
Catalog entry type
The catalog entry type to be used as a filter.
The following catalog entry types are available by default:
  • Product
  • SKU
  • Bundle
  • Kit
  • Dynamic Kit
Attribute Dictionary Attributes
Attribute Dictionary Attributes with predefined values and marked as Use in merchandising to be used as a filter.
The category to assign ranking factors. For example, Apparel.

For example, if a shopper is searching for table, you can restrict the search results to the Furniture category and filter out products from other categories such as table glasses.

Replacing search criteria

You can specify search terms to replace the shopper's submitted search terms in the store. In doing so, you can promote catalog entries that you know appear in search results for specific search terms.

For example, if a shopper enters a general search term that likely results in many search results, such as computer, the action can replace it with a more specific search term, such as laptop.

Prerequisites for using this action

The following tasks must be performed before using this action:

Guidelines for using this action

When setting up this action, you must:
  • Use this action to narrow down the search result.
    Note: If you are using this action to replace search terms and your search rule does not have any targets, you might consider creating search term associations instead.