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Triggers in search rules

The Customer Submits Search trigger is always used when creating search rules using the Search Rule Builder. It indicates that a customer has entered and submitted search terms in the storefront.

The following table describes the Customer Submits Search trigger. Click the trigger to get details and an example.

Trigger What triggers the rule to start or continue
Trigger: Customer Submits SearchCustomer Submits Search A customer searches for something in your store. All search rules start with the Customer Submits Search trigger.

Phrases (multiple term support)

The following scenarios are supported by default for multiple phrases as search terms:
  • Search rules containing the starts with, ends with, or contains matching rules do not support phrases. To enable phrase support for these operators, you must customize WebSphere Commerce search to meet your business requirements.
  • Search rule triggers containing phrases (multiple words space delimited not surrounded with quotation marks) are treated as exact matches. Do not include quotation marks for exact matches in triggers.