Enabling interim fix JR57713

You can change the number of Solr cores that are warmed up in parallel based on your CPU allocation.

You might want to adjust the number of cores if you notice that your storefront displays stale or incorrect data after an inventory index update, or you encounter an error in the logs similar to the following message.
[3/20/17 2:30:09:591 CET] 00000023 SolrCore      
E org.apache.solr.common.SolrException log java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException


  1. Open the solrhome/MC_masterCatalogId/locale_name/indextype/conf/solrconfig.xml file.
  2. Add or update the concurrentThreads value of the newSearcher event listener.
    For example,
    <!-- a newSearcher event is fired whenever a new searcher is being prepared
          and there is a current searcher handling requests (aka registered).
          It can be used to prime certain caches to prevent long request times for
          certain requests.
            <listener event="newSearcher" class="com.ibm.commerce.solr.listener.NewSearcherNotifyOnChangeListener">
                <int name="concurrentThreads">2</int>