Feature Pack 8

Enabling interim fix JR56672

JR56672 provides conditional support for the publishOverride functionality.

For Feature Pack 8, the WebSphere Commerce product team decided to remove the publishOverride functionality. JR56672 was created to re-add the code to support the publishOverride functionality.

Before you begin

Install the interim fix for JR56672.

About this task

There are a few restriction with the publishOverride feature:
  • publishOverride feature is not language specific.
  • The override can be specified into the STORECATOVRGRP database table. When the EnablePublishOverride flag is enabled and when a matching criteria is found in this table, the runtime uses the following logic to create the additional search filtering condition to provide the publish override function support:
    • Use new expression when override group exists for this store and the request is for CatalogEntry display
      ((published:1 AND NOT publishedOverride:<overrideGroup-id>_0) OR publishedOverride:<overrideGroup-id>_1)


  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
  2. Open the following extended configuration file, WCDE_installdir/workspace/Search/xml/config/com.ibm.commerce.catalog-ext/wc-component.xml.
    Note: If the file does not exist, then you need to create an extended version of the wc-component.xml file. For more information, see Changing properties in the component configuration file (wc-component.xml) (Search EAR).
  3. Find the SearchConfiguration configuration grouping. If SearchConfiguration does not exist, add the grouping.
    <_config:configgrouping name="SearchConfiguration">
  4. Add the following property to the SearchConfiguration grouping.
    <_config:property name="EnablePublishOverride" value="true" />
  5. Save and close the file.
  6. Deploy your changes to the production environment.