Enabling interim fix JR56299

JR56299 resolves an issue where WebSphere Commerce Search cache invalidations are not propagated to the production server.

For environments in which the search index is created in non-production, the cache invalidations that are fired by UpdateSearchIndex do not make it to the production servers. To enable the fix for JR56299, complete the following procedure.

Before you begin

Install the interim fix for JR56299.


  1. Set up the search index.
  2. Run the massload utility while specifying an XML input file that is included in JR56299.
    The XML file creates a command entry for InvalidateSearchCache.
    For example,

    massload -dbname db_name -dbuser db_user -dbpwd db_password -infile "WC_installdir/schema/xml/fixpack9/wcs.fixpack9.massload.xml" -method sqlimport -commitcount 1000 -maxerror 1 -schemaname db_user

    For more information about how to run the massload utility, see massload utility (Server environment).