Feature Pack 8

Enabling interim fix JR57284

Interim fix JR57284 adds the option of disabling search indexing from within the Commerce Management Center.

Before you begin

Install interim fix JR57284 for Feature Pack 8.


  1. Open the catalog component configuration files on the WebSphere Commerce EAR for editing. The catalog component configuration file is stored in the WebSphere Commerce EAR, at the following locations.
    The default catalog component configuration file.

    The extended catalog component configuration file. This customized version of the file contains only the changed properties. For more information, see Search properties in the component configuration file (wc-component.xml) (WebSphere Commerce EAR).

  2. Set the following property in the wc-component.xml file.
    <_config:property name="DisableIndexBuildFromCMC" value="true" />
    The parameter DisableIndexBuildFromCMC is used to disable search indexing from the Commerce Management Center.
  3. Save and close the wc-component.xml file.
  4. Deploy the file to your production environment.