WebSphere Commerce Version or later

Cumulative interim fixes for fix packs

Each WebSphere Commerce fix pack contains fixes for multiple APARs. After a fix pack is released, WebSphere Commerce continues to create interim fixes. A cumulative interim fix is a comprehensive collection of interim fixes, designed to simplify installation and standardize the code level of an environment.

Note: IBM intends to continually deliver cumulative interim fixes for Feature Pack 8 and Fix Pack 9. Cumulative interim fixes are planned to be released once a year. IBM continues to support all feature pack and fix pack levels by delivering individual interim fixes, but does not plan to deliver any more cumulative interim fixes for versions earlier than Feature Pack 8 and Fix Pack 9.
The following cumulative interim fixes are available for WebSphere Commerce fix pack releases. Review the cumulative interim fix topic that pertains to your fix pack level. For feature pack releases, see Cumulative interim fixes for feature packs.For new interim fixes that are not yet included in a cumulative interim fix, see List of additional fix pack APAR fixes.